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August 4, at pm Hi Marten: Precolumbian North American human populations were estimated as being as high or higher than million people.

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When whites occupied North America the Indian influence was ignored just as soundly — despite documentary evidence to the contrary.

Wildfires, habitat pattern descriptions, invasive species, hoot owl populations, and other usually unstated assumptions that drive these predictive models and policies are often DOA from the beginning for ignoring Indians and trivializing their influences. So what?

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The important thing is how we porno chats current environments in desired conditions while managing for clean water, clean air, recreational opportunities, homes, jobs, critical resources and local industries: like Pinchot envisioned over a century ago. This is the same rationale that was used by white settlers and teen chat deutsch US government in the s to justify stealing their ajerican, breaking written treaties, and killing tens of thousands of people in the process; and probably tens of millions more via americna disease.

A lot of amazing free sex clips are daily updating at our wonderful site! This is based on the idea that pre-white Indians were inept chucklehe living in small, isolated populations, and conquering white populations were evil and driven by greed and killing off numerous native species in the process. These are anime sex chat strategies because they are based on inaccurate information — and it is easy to predict bbws failures which I and several other scientists clearly pointed out 20 and 30 years ago.

Bonnicksen Ancient Forests of North America has good references and is a good starting point. Kat is specific to California, but her findings and conclusions are relevant to most of North America.

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Yes, the environment has been changed dramatically again in response to unprecedented human populations, modern resource values, and sophisticated changes in technology — globally, not just in North America. But to ignore both in a fantasized rationale for making legislation is gay chat avneue good start to understanding why so many of our plans based upon erroneous assumptions based on race are so easy to predict failure.

August 4, at pm Hi Marten: Precolumbian North American human populations were estimated as being as high or higher than million people. These were still common assumptions in the s and s when Wilderness and ESA legislation was written.

They used to call it GIGO garbage in, garbage out in the early days of computer modeling. But continue to ignore that reality.

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That was 40 or 50 years americaan, and we have learned a lot about pre-white human impacts since that time. Yes, it is fairly easy to compare white disturbance patterns during the past couple of centuries with precontact Indian disturbance patterns of to years ago.

Two races, two entirely chat marok treatments check out Mississippi Moundbuilders, Anasazzi cliffhouse and aqueducts, and Mayan ruins as a good starting point in this regard.