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I look forward to experiencing you live one day. Ich habe schon einige songs ab der CD gespielt und da war immer Party!

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Aproximadamente de científicos de tres universidades y empresas trabajan en el Heidelberg Innovation Lab. Die Band spielt einen rollenden, erdigen Leonera an, der die Tänzer packt und nicht mehr los lässt. CD in preparation, and there will be a bunch of surprises. Ahora, nuestro reportero de Hecho en Alemania debe salir adelante con autos de locación, el monopatín eléctrico, la bici o el metro. Then why not here, you DO live rather close to each other, after all - I would be very eager to set up a playtime date for the two of you Martin, thank you for the CD. The singing's fine, and it's great to hear Angel Bonne with real clarity on "El Fenomeno," with tricky guitar figures backing him up; we don't get to hear him on his own recordings enough. Las secuelas de la esclavitud repercuten hasta hoy en día.

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Ahí se ataja a muchos para sonar a unos pocos. Martin lives in Switzerland and received an MA in music from the Swiss Jazz School Bern in , and also educated as a trombone player at the Conservatory of Winterthur, Switzerland in through , and — not to forget — has studied Cuban music in Havana from — Both of them Frankis and Gustavo were playing in the symphonic orchestra from Santiago. Many thanks to Martin for his kindness and his time. Carolina Cerón.

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Il tutto per un'ora di ascolto. A degree from a university outside of Germany and a passion for research are mandatory. Il direttore musicale è invece Gustavo Duran Anaya, che possiamo ascoltare esibirsi magistralmente al trombone. Pero al poner en prohibición diversas corrientes del pensamiento, Nietzsche también buscaba desarticular creencias y estructuras religiosas anquilosadas. Myriam: Finally, would you like to pass on a message to your followers in France? The Goethe University in Frankfurt is seeking outstanding candidates for its M. Okay some yodeling, but seriously, forget this. Reden sollte man aber vor allem auch über die erste CD des "El Zorro". Trotzdem deutlich hörbaren nordamerikanischen Einflüssen ist und bleibt Leonera Lehners musikalische Basis.