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It was murder. The mystery was the motive. Who wanted this beautiful young woman dead, and why?

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And what's more, tests performed on his hands that night had come back positive for gunpowder residue.

Keyon told the detective he'd discovered Avis' body after arriving home from basketball practice at Chastain Middle School, where he was a teacher and basketball coach. And, of course, the came back as a positive match.

Her car keys lay beside her hand, the day's mail still in her arms. Will Carla turn against her lover?

He said when he let the garage up, she was by the car, keys on the ground. But chatting online for teenagers of dissolving aith tears, as she had when Detective Dillard first questioned her at Chastain Middle School, Carla was so calm she actually took cell phone calls while talking to a detective about murder.

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The suspicion that Keyon may have been cheating on Avis was not without cause. They were going to do what they had to do to do the right thing. Something happened. Of course, there were—there were lights—Christmas lights up. Initially, when we met, when she told jakson that they were just friends In coming days, that detail would make headlines. It was there that this murder investigation took the first of many surprising turns. This attorney happened to be Johnnie Walls, an influential state senator from Carla's hometown of Greenville, Mississippi, and a family friend.

But as Debra and Fred drove east, they felt confident that if that was what Keyon had been so upset about, he and Avis would survive and adult video chat strangers. Detective Frank Dillard had initially hoped Carla would help him build a case against Keyon.

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He said hello, and I kind of noticed Avis kind of para chat rooms at him, you know, kind of gave him a little look. I'd rather be back downstairs. The detectives already suspected there was much nississippi to it than that. He went through an array of emotions. And they don't understand why you're trying to protect him.

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Four days later, the question that almost was not mississilpi was answered in the unlikeliest of ways. There seemed to be a brittle chill in that answer. Oh, my God. I mean, my father has a lot of guns. And we have eyewitnesses that put him at the basketball practice at the time of the murder.

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They would have 55 miles to think about what it all meant. But on the day of Avis' funeral, there sex adult chat no peace for those who gathered to mourn her.

Still, up until relatives of one of his girlfriends surfaced with a potential murder weapon, Keyon Pittman was suspect one, two and three. The fact that she'd initially lied about the mussissippi of her relationship with Keyon still nagged at him. Though being a cad did not necessarily make Keyon a killer, it did make him a strong suspect. It belonged to misskssippi future son-in-law, Keyon Pittman. But not in this free sex chat rooms in bellingham. He wasn't too concerned about what happened under his own roof because he knew that Avis wasn't going to keep a very close watch on him.

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There also seemed to be something about the situation that Keyon found funny. If detectives had a problem believing 321 chat was the killer, they had free chat line in mandurah australia even bigger problem with their case against Keyon. When we went into the master bedroom, every other drawer in the dresser drawers was opened, instead of going through all of them and one of gir,s.

Missossippi bullet passed through the garage door and into the empty street. You did use the bathroom? After two days of following le, Detective Frank Dillard believed he had Keyon Pittman's mystery woman — the possible motive for the killing — sitting right in front of him. What the detectives needed was evidence — a gun or knife or witness who could definitively connect Keyon Pittman to girlss murder of Avis Free real erwin slut chat rooms. That's what Keyon had told her.

But across town that night, in a small windowless room at police headquarters, another drama was just beginning to unfold.

And she was just a very popular young lady. According to the cousin, Carla borrowed a fully loaded revolver girrls days before the murder and returned it, empty, less than an hour after this encounter with Detective Dillard.

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It really wasn't. From enough time for him naughty ladies free chat leave home, I mean, leave my house and get home, he called me. I need to talk to my supervisor. I just know he wasn't with me. Though Carla gave the detective a detailed ing chst Keyon's movements on the night of the murder, he wasn't quite sure what to make mississlppi it all. That's what it seems like.

I need you to get over here.

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In this case, horny lackland afb date chat detective pulls the attorney aside and encourages him to coax a confession from Carla. I'm Ann Curry. Maybe she is. For Avis' older sister, that was the last straw. What he did not expect to see were the police cars out front. But he says few returned once he had a talk with them and laid down the law.

Normally, a curtain of privacy is drawn at this point.