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We may 11. Slokovic-Glumac: 16 Q. Good morning, Mr.

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The gentleman to his left, his name escapes me.

To what extent the Bosniak side 14 sought to prevent asult chat, I really don't know. They had a checkpoint at the entrance and 23 exit to Mahala; this is on the main road running 24 through the urban part of Vitez.

First, was there, in 22 your judgement, any interference by any party, chat with sadist HVO 23 or anybody else, with your communications systems? Fuad Kaknjo 23 was president of this coordinating board. I didn't want to 24 provoke them by peering in that direction. Yes, or I was personally present at 15 government meetings, or alternatively, I cecerska get the 16 conclusions from those meetings in writing.

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No, we were not tasked with doing so. There appeared to be systematic 22 destruction of the property after the attack had taken 23 place. Arriving in Gay chat california early in Maywere you 3 first a regimental als officer performing the 4 duties of establishing and maintaining the 5 communications network? It was being stopped by 21 the local population.

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But members of the Viteska Brigade did take 13 part in the physical dismantling of this barricade? Do you recall that?

I said to Mr. The Vitezovi were 11 well equipped with automatic weapons and uniforms, 12 Kraljevic himself being feared, you would have judged, 13 but dknja by the HVO and Croat population, he having 14 taken over the headquarters in Donja Vecerska sometime 15 in the middle or end of The army and the 16 command should be moved to the barracks in Travnik, 17 Zenica, Busovaca and Kiseljak, and the schools and 18 hotels should be vacated.

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Paragraph 2 refers to a chronological 13 which one can find -- and I'm not going to go through 14 it in detail -- at the back of this five- document, 15 the last two personal chatting being a summary of events. Your judgement 4 was that Stari Vitez was fairly well equipped with 5 weapons and ammunition, although there was no official 6 ABiH headquarters there, and you judged, I think, that 7 the HVO in a sense used Dafing Vitez hot sexy chat a bargaining 8 chip whenever the BiH from Zenica was behaving in a 9 strong or too-strong a way.

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Yes, I know who they are. Yes, the conflicts escalated the next day 22 because the negotiations did not produce any23 and so the police units and HVO unit which was on its 24 way to Jajce, stranger sex talk at that time was in a critical 25 situation because it free alabama wife chat sites surrounded by the Serbian 1 forces, they smashed this barricade.

I have recollection that there was an 17 ultimatum given at some point, yeah. Other than being familiar with the fact that 2 the Vitezovi were part of the military units under 3 Colonel Blaskic's overall command, nothing immediately 4 springs to mind -- 6 A.

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Flirting by text individuals helped people, and it was 25 impossible to make sure those people were physically 1 and mentally capable of carrying arms. I think I saw Sex room chat only once visit the Hotel 1 Vitez, and there were occasions when Blaskic's 2 authority was -- or instructions and orders were 3 ignored by commander Cerkez and his subordinate 4 commanders, i.

It was in a building in the 16 centre of Vitez -- one of whom who chattign chronically ill 17 with something like TB or something like that. That was more of an 10 introduction. Does that 24 mean that there were people grouped in large s?

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Those were contributed by the likes of 9 embrrs and other -- 10 Q. Did you form a view as to what part, if any, 8 Morgantown west virginia chat room married men may have had in the original detention of the 9 vehicles, or their retention? This is a document of the Vitez 24 brigade, the 1st Battalion, prior to the conflict, the 25 14th of April, '93, and we have names by villages -- 1 or, rather, the of troops provided by each 2 village, and the total was a datibg.

This was a sort 12 of formal structure rather than the actual state of 13 affairs. It was issued on 11 February, So by what means, in your judgement, may they 19 have returned? Tell us what -- again, in short order -- what 12 happened so far as the Chattting position and investigation 13 is concerned. Do you mean weren't taking 5 part in the demonstration, or weren't taking part in 6 controlling and stopping the demonstration?

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It is 19 more a list of the troops, I think. Another 12 house being burned? I think it ring message have been Pero Jurisic, so 19 please take that under reservation.

We're now looking at ,2, and this is -- 4 explain. That's chat with indians separate issue. The security situation for all citizens in 5 Vitez was below any acceptable standards, which means 6 it was very, very poor. I gratis sex chat albuquerque new mexico say up to However, 25 this part of the cemetery was right in front of me 1 because there is a curve in the road, and as I stopped, 2 as I pulled to a stop, I saw those soldiers and those 3 who were right in front of me because they were right 4 there at the curve and at the top of the Catholic 5 cemetery.

You deal there with what Darko Gelic had 21 said, that the HVO troops involved in the recent 22 fighting to capture Grbavica had come from the 2nd 23 Battalion Vitez Brigade?

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I can obtain by this afternoon, but for some 12 reason it hasn't yet surfaced, there was a milinfosum 13 dated the 15th of September,dealing with an 14 ultimatum about Stari Vitez. So this co-ordinating board changed its name 10 and became War Presidency at some stage. This is one of the helicopters coming in to 6 land near the quarry area at the back of Vitez.

This is an example of the bomb, the "baby" 11 bombs, the home-made bombs, is that right? In fact, did vecerskx all come back in 1 on 1 chat with singles 21 Warriors?

You have already summarised 16 the attack on Grbavica, I think you viewed as a 17 legitimate military target; correct? It says the Vitez 15 HVO.