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Halifax chat

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Licensing[ edit ] Public domainPublic domainfalsefalse This image is a work zan chat a United States Department of State employee, taken or made as part of that person's official duties.

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This is how it is done at both London and Chongqing. Is this the case?

If this is the case, what's wrong with this proposalsex chat in clarksville is modeled after the London article? That "Halifax former city " is meant to be halifzx something only of historical interest is all the more reason to move Halifax Regional Municipality to Halifax, Nova Scotia since whenever we ha,ifax "Halifax" in we can reasonably mean "Halifax Regional Municipality" as opposed to using "Halifax" to refer only to the urban core and only the full name "Halifax Regional Municipality" to refer to the existing political division.

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That would at least give users a better chance of reaching the info they need quickly. The historical Chongqing is only a fraction of the current municipality but it is not a disambiguation. They aren't even remotely close to being the same thing. Leeds or Bradford.

Halifax chat

This has been gone through in so many different discussions its ridiculous. There are only two topics which are likely to be referred to as "Halifax, Nova Scotia" in a non-specialist context - City of Halifax and Halifax Regional Municipality. I filed this move request because I simply wanted to read about the city albuquerque sex chat and date to my first visit to it next month - knowing nothing about its administrative scope - and was met by a simply confusing disambiguation I had no idea which link to click!

I can see no alternative but to omit the Canadian Halifax from the most often list, until this is fixed. And it is at least arguable that "Nova Scotia" is more than simple disambiguation, it is a way that the place in NS is commonly referred to - by airlines, the post office, Statistics Canada. The result of the proposal was Not moved clearly no primary topic has been established.

fwb chat That would be inappropriate recentism. We don't use recentism, because usage is split between the two locations then we have to end up at a dab if one clearly isn't the primary. The editing of the article itself however, has not yet been hallifax up fully to adhear to that. We do not have a disambiguation at Tibet.

Now will someone please close this unrequired discussion? There are several other Halifax articles, describing different permutations of areas, and going into some detail about char government organisation yawnbut nothing that describes the holistic total of the place and its history over time. AshleyMorton talk29 April UTC Those who live there know which article refers to which area chat rooms about life what is in those areas.

Covering the calderdale wards of illingworth & mixenden, northowram & shelf, ovenden, and warley

Bullet point is much more clear. No clear primary topic, given the confusion over the Canadian city and the fact that Halifax is also a major town in England. Licensing[ edit ] Public domainPublic domainfalsefalse This image is a work of a United States Department of State employee, taken or made as part of that person's official duties.

Therefore I have been a little bold, and placed these three primary uses into the lead paragraph, giving each equal weight, whilst keeping the long list of further uses entirely intact. Halifax former city is an ambiguous title. I wanted to read the article about the Canadian city, but was given a disambiguation that over complicated the of Canadian political divisions covering the same place halivax I had no idea which article to click on.

As such out of the two options one is clearly not titans chat you are looking for because it doesn't exist anymore leaving only the the one that clearly says it is the current location. In the province of Nova Scotia.

Halifax bd discussion thre

There seems very little discussion on, for example, the Irish bank, the mountain range granny chat searcy the river in Florida, and Jalifax suspect that the of readers arriving here wanting to find those secondary uses are orders of magnitude fewer than those seeking the primary halifa. The name I was expecting to use Halifax, Nova Scotia friendsemail chat or what have you just a dab.

Halifax, Nova Scotia applies to both the former city and the current municipality. Clearly usage is split so it needs to be a dab. This has been discussed over and over again for years and years.

chat womens I do not believe that the line should read "Halifax former citythe city until and the current community", which it does now - however, Can sexting lead to a relationship was reverted when I removed chah, and I want to have this discussion here, not via some sort of revert-war. I think the most hapifax issue is that Halifax, Nova Scotia links to this disambiguation - as the topics are not mutually exclusive, the disambiguation there is inappropriate.

Especially since the other one is listed as the former city.

This is not an article, it is a disambiguationdeed to advise readers of articles using the name of Halifax. United Kingdom is likewise not a disambiguation between United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland covering different geographical scope in different time frames.

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Even "Halifax, Nova Scotia" isn't a primary topic. When people refer to Chat woman torino, they refer to the urban core of the Halifax Regional Municipalitynot to the entire Halifax Regional Municipality itself. Timrollpickering talk26 August UTC Comment This discussion has been advertised on the talk for the Canadian regional municipality hallfax the former city automatically but not, AFAICS, on talks of other potential claimants, particularly the British town.

The formal distinction of the General Service Area is about as relevant as a polling division or a zoning boundary, and we don't have individual articles for all of those.