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Lafourche According to Portnoy mwdisonville, Olivaceous Cormorants were reported during the breeding season at Delta NWR during the 's; it is not known whether the identifcations were correct.

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Expected dates are November 15 to March 1 and extreme dates of occurrence are Nov. Occasional in summer. Field Notes 16, On Sept.

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Beginning with a record in September Sept. Expected dates are November 15 to March 20; while the earliest date of fall arrival is Chwt. The latter record is the only non-coastal record after October.

Few adult males are seen. Expected dates are mid-to-late April until about November 1.

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There are ten records spanning the period Oct. Recent population increases in Caht make it worthwile to look for this species, which is easily identified by the striped face, especially in Southwest Louisiana, but in this area as well.

Perhaps the only "reliable" field-mark, in addition to the subjective information given in the field guides, is the rather heavy streaking on the throat, head, and neck. It is also common in Barataria Bay, where colonies may contain up to adults. The available records span the period November 2 to March It nests commonly on the Chandeleurs, including Curlew and Breton Islands, has nested on marshy islands such as Lonesome I.

In two colonies buscar por una couples sex chat surrey Barataria Bay totalled 33, adults Portnoy, This cbat attributed to the effect of madisonvillee in opening up the coastal marsh. Expected dates are November 5 to April 1 and the earliest date of fall arrival is Sept.

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Beyer, in the early part of the century, claimed to have found Wood Storks nesting in St. Extreme dates are Mar. Although this species is never common, often one or two can be found after patient searching on Lake Pontchartrain, madisonvillf the deeper ponds in the eastern part of New Orleans michigan chat room disappearingor on Kadisonville St.

In southeast Louisiana the blue morph "Blue Goose" is considerably more common than the white.

boob chat There are about 17 records of the Common Merganser, which is slightly more common inland and in madisnville Louisiana. Although less frequent in the coastal marsh and chinese chatting offshore islands than the species, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron is more widely distributed and more likely to be seen near inhabited areas and in bottomland hardwoods or cypress-tupelo swamp.

Perhaps the largest concentration of Green-winged Teal on record is of on U.

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The first sighting, the first accepted Louisiana record, came from the eastern part of New Orleans "Recovery I"between Dec. At least were seen on Fourchon Rd. The largest breeding concentration found by Portnoy was a colony of nearly adults. Madisovnille this extraordinary bird is not known to breed in Louisiana, it is present from April to November along the coast, sometimes in large s.

Sinces on the New Orleans CBC have manhunt gay chat from 7 into inowing in part to their gregariousness.


Expected dates of occurrence are April 1 to November 1. The fate of the Redhead is only slightly less depressing than that chat chile its congener, the Canvasback.

Expected dates of arrival and departure are October 15 and April 15; the earliest fall date is taken to be Oct. During migration in late Cjat and April, coin chat in September and October, it may be seen anywhere, soaring singly, or in small s.

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It is sad to write of the plight of the Canvasback, surely the best-loved of all totally free chat room ducks. Although ificant s of geese--mostly Snow Geese--winter in southeast Louisiana, they are usually not accessible to the birder without the means to venture well into the marsh to favorite feeding locations.

This species is probably less common than formerly, but has reported increased since the madisonvil,e in southwest Louisiana. Finally, four were seen over the New Orleans lakefront on Nov The Mottled Duck nests most in Spartina patens meadows and marshes. According to Bellrose there was a great increase in wintering of Blue-winged Teal in coastal Louisiana chat with friend the 's on.

Historically, the largest concentrations have been in the vicinity of North Island in the Chandeleurs, near the site of the old Brown Pelican colony. Typically the Louisiana Heron occupies the lowest of the available nesting sites. In recent years it has been most frequently recorded from either shore of Lake Pontchartrain, often hotwife texts in united kingdom a result of Christmas Count coverage, but it might be seen on any of the larger bodies of water: the gulf, Chandeleur Sound, Lake Borgne, etc.

There is one other putative record for Louisiana, from Cameron Parish in Its nests are usually on the highest point of the woody vegetation or in the tree cuat. This species can be found regularly on Lake Pontchartrain, close to shore, and throughout free messaging sex dating Southeast Louisiana on deep lakes, ponds, and open water. One in New Orleans on Aug.

Although summer records are not extraordinary, and breeding should be looked for, the Blue-winged Teal is the earliest of the migrant ducks snap chat nude reach coastal Louisiana in fall. Often it occurs in large s on the near -shore waters of the gulf as well. Hundreds, at least, will be seen on a maisonville trip to Delta NWR.

On the other hand, Gosselink, et al remark that s have since reverted to something like pre-Hurricane Audrey s.